Boost Events Experience on any Mobile Device

Caixagest is taking the path of Digital Transformation. Therefore, the company wanted to run a specific event that helped engage all stakeholders in the process. However, there was something missing, which was a use case that could prove that Digital Transformation was already all around us.

Due to the ongoing collaboration between Caixagest and Xpand IT, the company managed to find the right solution. Caixagest’s event was powered by Xpand IT’s product XP Events Mobile App. Want to learn more about this app and how it can make your life easier?

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Xpand IT has once again proved to be a valuable partner for enterprise mobility. By using the XP Events app in our event we were able to prove to all the attendees that Digital Transformation is around us. With a very quick setup time, using this app made it possible to deliver a great event


Key Benefits:

  • Improve attendees’ experience;
  • Elegant & cross-platform User Interface;
  • Real-time schedule information
  • Attendee interaction through Push Notification surveys.

Featured Technology:


One of our top concerns while building this app, was to use native development to ensure the best performance possible, and that the final version delivered users a native experience for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. This led to choosing Xamarin technology as the ideal solution. With a single code base, app development was hastened and future support simplified.

Ana PaneiroXP Events – Taking event interaction to a whole new level | Success Case