3 myths and 3 truths about Jira Software: is it just a tool for IT teams?

Jira Software is a management platform that allows teams to manage all stages of their work, assign tasks to different members and track and make reports. But what are the hidden truths we can reveal about this platform? Get to know 3 myths and 3 truths about Jira and see what you think about this planning software.

Myth 1: Jira is just for technical teams

Let’s get this myth out of the way directly: Jira Software was not designed just for technical teams! Even though its development originated through software development practices and the respective stages of the process, from testing to deploy, Jira Software can be adapted to any reality for any team. Evidence of this can be found in the implementation of Jira by Xpand IT in an individual institution for social solidarity, Associação Crescerbem, or even the adaptation of the software for our Marketing team, who were then able to start working using Scrum methodology.

In reality, the size of the team does not matter, nor the field or industry, because Jira Software could be just the solution to improve productivity and organisation you’ve been looking for. If you want to know more about this myth, watch the talk Agility for All by Sofia Neto Canário, our Collaboration & Dev Tools Manager. You will see we are right.

Myth 2: Implementing Jira Software makes your team automatically more agile

Even though Jira Software may be a tool meant for agile teams, and even though it can improve productivity and organisation, all the problems of your team will not disappear like magic as soon as you implement it. Implementing Jira Software is only a piece of the puzzle you are trying to put together. In order to make yours a truly agile team, you will also need to change your mindset and theirs.

Your leadership will not benefit from a planning and reporting tool if you are not available to follow the good practices of the Agile manifesto – some of which you can read here. This may seem like just another inspirational quote, but the truth is that “change starts with how you think”. Jira Software is the supplement that makes those thoughts real, more practical and more agile by implementing a collaborative mentality in your teams.

Myth 3: With Jira, you don’t need other communication tools

Jira is a tool that works at its best alongside other tools within the Atlassian ecosystem. So, you cannot expect that it will improve communication in your teams by itself – nor was it developed for that purpose.

Communication between team members, in person or remotely, is essential for keeping projects on track and resolving any obstacles that may arise. Furthermore, there are other options such as Jira Service Desk or Confluence that, alongside each other, enhance communication and promote, once again, collaboration not only between the members of the same team, but across the whole of your organisation.

Now that we have unravelled these 3 recurring myths about Jira Software, feel free to contact us if you need to implement Jira Software or any of other Atlassian tools.

Ana Lamelas3 myths and 3 truths about Jira Software: is it just a tool for IT teams?


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