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Quick Guide to Install Sitecore 9.0

Digital Experience

The new Sitecore 9.0 version brings new features that fit precisely in what you need for your business since you need to personalise the experiences you are delivering to your clients more than ever.

Why Upgrade your Confluence

Collaboration & Development Solutions

Join us on a customer voyage through Confluence enhancements and new cool stuff so that you and your team can be successful, no matter what difficulties cross your way.

Tableau 10.5

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Among the advantages of using Tableau is the constant improvement, and innovation to ease more in-depth analysis. Explore these five new features from version 10.5 and get to know why you should upgrade!

The top 8 tech trends for 2018


Digital transformation is on its way, and companies need to understand what to adopt and what to invest in. Here are some of the 2018 tech trends that you can use as guidance for your business.

Comic Con App Portugal 2017

Enterprise Mobility

Xpand IT has released the new version of its Comic Con Portugal mobile app for iOS and Android. With this update the app will become the communication channel of preference  for Comic Con Portugal.

Solving Middleware Challenges

Enterprise Middleware

In a moment of growth for open source technologies, the Enterprise Solution Manager, Nuno Santos, sets the path for a prosperous future between Red Hat and Xpand IT.

Powering Innovation in our Customers

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