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8 Books about DevOps and Agile

Collaboration & Development Solutions

DevOps is the culture of collaboration, communication and is driven by agility in software development. We have compiled 8 key books for those looking to deepen their knowledge in DevOps and Agile.

My day at Google Cloud OnBoard

Tech Trends

Xpand IT was at the Google Cloud OnBoard event. This event was created for the professionals that are looking for cloud solutions. Find out all about this free course to introduce the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Future is now

Tech Trends

It’s not exactly breaking news that the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining some ground. However, the question still stands: what defines this subject and what practical uses does it offer?

Xpand IT opens new office in the USA


The company decided to invest in a city outside Europe, looking to respond to the quick growth that the product area has been experiencing. Learn all about this new challenge.

Automation with Jira Service Desk

Collaboration & Development Solutions

The Pestana Group was facing the need to process more than 1500 emails per day. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a platform that automated email processing and optimised resource re-allocation.

Welcome to Tableau Prep!

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Tableau Prep is the new ETL tool that allows users to extract data from a variety of sources, transform that data and output it, saving time and reducing hardships. Learn the benefits and advantages of this new solution.

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