A new era starts now: the new Xpand IT office

The year 2023 has marked the beginning of new chapters in Xpand IT’s history. After presenting a new corporate identity to the market in June, which included updating our logo, visual materials and reinforcing our strategic positioning, the time has come to move to a new home.

Over the course of our 20 years of existence, we have always focussed on excellence, people, integrity and collaboration, and the new space mirrors our ethos.

Located in Parque das Nações, in the AGEAS Tejo building, this office has more than 1800 square metres, 14 meeting rooms, 7 „phone booths“, an auditorium equipped with the latest audiovisual technology and ready to host talks, events and conferences, as well as a terrace with a vertical garden. Our goal is to continue to promote innovation, strengthen links and boost synergies in a space that is fully adapted to our vision of an even more technological future.

Lisbon Auditorium

The Lisboa auditorium is the heart of the new office. With a multi-purpose platform that can be adjusted to the needs of each event, the space is equipped with a LED wall and several screens that deliver the best audiovisual quality to the audience. The sound system is also another differentiating factor of this space. Several speakers can be found throughout the auditorium, built, and positioned so that the acoustics are as refined as possible.

Meeting rooms and phone booths

In addition to the more than 90 workspaces across the 1800 square metres of floor space, the Xpand IT office is built and designed for collaboration between all the teams. There are 14 meeting rooms, fully equipped and integrated with Teams, making it as easy as possible for teams to share information and hold meetings. The 7 phone booths, on the other hand, are designed for moments that require more concentration or meetings that need greater focus. All these spaces are equipped with technology that allows for complete soundproofing so that the comfort of every meeting moment is optimised.

Outdoor terrace

In addition to the highly collaborative spaces, we can also find an outdoor space with a vertical garden and a bar ready to welcome all employees looking for a moment to relax and socialise. This space is set up with several tables and counters to prioritize comfort.

The AGEAS Tejo Building

Xpand IT’s new office is located in the AGEAS Portugal Group’s new building, which is equipped and adapted to current and future working circumstances, and focused on environmental concerns, sustainability, and social responsibility. Inaugurated in May 2022, the building has 12 floors in its more than 17,400 square metres and has already won the „Best Development of the Year“ award for 2022, the most prestigious award in real estate in Portugal. Another of this building’s distinctions is its sustainability, with an increasingly green future in mind. It was while it was still under construction in 2021 that the project was honoured with the „Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency“ award, one of the categories of the SIL – Salão Imobiliário de Portugal Awards.

Another feature that marks this space out is the social aspect, as the building has partnerships with two leading social inclusion organisations in the food sector: CRESCER – Associação de Intervenção Comunitária (Community Intervention Association) and Café Joyeux, which employ people with special and developmental needs. These two spaces, as well as a fully equipped cafeteria, are available to Xpand IT employees.

The outdoor space is also fully accessible to our employees for socialising, as is the building’s community garden, where all Xpanders can participate in its development.

Finally, the building also has other facilities, such as indoor parking for both cars and bicycles, changing rooms and other spaces to ensure the well-being of all our employees.

Some information about the new Xpand IT office:


square metres


meeting rooms



This Lisbon office is another step towards Xpand IT’s affirmation as a technology company of national and global reference, with a new, highly technological space that fosters collaboration, excellence and organisational culture among our employees, clients and partners.
The new space is located in a place of reference for innovation and marks the renewal of a long history that began 20 years ago and has been the result of the dedication, trust, and expertise of all our teams. We are ready for the future.

Paulo Lopes. CEO da Xpand IT
Pedro RosaA new era starts now: the new Xpand IT office


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