FusionCharts announced Xpand IT as Worldwide Reseller

FusionCharts announced a worldwide reseller partnership with Xpand IT. Now, the companies offer global programs to increase new business opportunities.

Xpand IT – Official FusionCharts reseller in Portugal with expertise in Business Intelligence, Business Processes & Integration and Enterprise Mobility, today announced a worldwide reseller agreement. This distinction was mainly motivated by the creation of the FusionCharts plugin, which allows the integration of an interactive graphics library with the BI Suite – Pentaho Business Analytics and thus providing the possibility to reach new markets.

The dashboard industry has seen many new developments within the past year that will continue to expand in 2013. Some of the dashboarding trends include the expansion of operational dashboards for monitoring KPI’s and embedded analytics, the role of social media applications within BI and dashboards, and the integration of multiple data types. Now, Pentaho users can combine the functional character with a unique visual experience. FusionCharts Plugin is available for download on Xpand IT website and doesn’t require technical knowledge to install, which is one of its great advantages. The graphics library is optimised for mobile devices and supports touch interaction, real-time widgets and scroll charts.

Xpand IT is a company with which we have worked for some years and it has proven to be an innovative, agile and strategic business. Now, many organizations are increasingly globalized and our channels need to offer innovative solutions worldwide

Pallav Nadhani – co-founder and CEO of FusionCharts.

„With this partnership, we aim to create value for our clients through the integration of two leading technologies in their area. We created FusionCharts Pentaho Plugin to combine the functional aspect of Pentaho Business Analytics platform with an aesthetic dimension provided by an interactive graphics library. This way, our customers will have access to the best of both worlds, without additional cost”, said Paulo Lopes – CCO / Partner at Xpand IT.

FusionCharts is an industry pioneer with over 21,000 customers and 450,000 users in 118 countries. More than 80% of the Fortune 500 organisations including Apple, Google, Facebook and NASA use FusionCharts products to add delight to their data visualisation. Xpand IT is FusionCharts Worldwide Reseller, thus guiding you throughout the process of purchasing and implementing solutions anywhere in the world.


Ana PaneiroFusionCharts announced Xpand IT as Worldwide Reseller



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