Pentaho presents Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8

The new version of the Pentaho BI Platform was officially launched on the same day we met U.S.A elections results. Among the great signs of progress made on Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8 are Big Data democratisation, new tools for interactive analysis and major improvements on Mobile BI.

On the November 6th, 2012, a day of big decisions in the United States, Pentaho Corporation launched version 4.8 for Pentaho Business Analytics at an event held in Orlando, Florida. This advanced Open Source BI solution offers performance improvements in mobile devices, new tools for Interactive Analysis and a set of additional features that promise to revolutionise the future of Business Analytics. The newly introduced features provide to the user a greater autonomy, making the use of technology more democratic to all business analysts who don’t have programming knowledge.

One of the main new features of version 4.8 is Pentaho Mobile BI that lets you use Pentaho Business Analytics on iPad. This application includes instant and interactive visualisation and the power to create new analysis in a mobile context. Another innovation is „Pentaho Instaview“ – the first Big Data Analytics App that allows you to reduce the time and complexity of visualisation of large volumes of data on mobile platforms. The focus on improving the experience of using Business Analytics on mobile devices comes from the need to create added value in the long term, providing greater business agility for all of these solutions users.

The launch of the platform coincides with the day of the election for the President of the U.S.A and that both events offer freedom of choice with implications not only for today but also for the future.

Pentaho Corporation in an official statement

Those in charge of the brand believe that, when choosing any Business Intelligence solution, software should be taken into account, as a performance improvement tool for your organisation, considering the capacity of integration and availability of data for the different elements of your organisation.

Ana PaneiroPentaho presents Pentaho Business Analytics 4.8

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