Success Case BNP Paribas: 400 Page Reports Reduced to a Single Dashboard

Xpand IT is proud to be a part of a project developed by BNP Paribas and Tableau, who in partnership have developed a business intelligence (BI) solution that transformed 400 aggregated page reports into a single dashboard.

The BNP Paribas Group is an international Banking Group with offices in 75 countries, more than 190 000 employees and about 30 million customers across its retail banking networks.

Despite the bank’s scale and the numerous and simultaneous projects taking place, Excel was still the main tool used to analyse relationships with Clients from the EMEA Corporate and Institutional Banking divisions. This model significantly limited the identification of more profound business insights in the presence of large data volumes. Besides this, all the data was very scattered in numerous databases within the organization, which didn’t allow a global overview.

To solve this problem, BNP Paribas formed a team in Lisbon totally focused on Business Intelligence, and with the help of Xpand IT, the Group’s EMEA Corporate and Institutional Banking divisions adopted the Tableau platform within its operations.

“Xpand IT made the whole onboarding process extremely quick and easy. With expertise on tap from day one, we were able to deliver the new system to the business on time and on budget.”

David Henriques, Analytics Consulting & Data Lab, BNP Paribas

Now, with access to Tableau Desktop & Tableau Server, 80% of the manual reporting tasks are automated, which saves time. A single version of the truth has been established for more than 2000 relationship managers, which reduces errors and business uncertainty, and the reports that before could easily reach 400 pages are now reduced to a single dashboard whose customisations can be made on the fly, without the need for numerous different versions.

Ana PaneiroSuccess Case BNP Paribas: 400 Page Reports Reduced to a Single Dashboard

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