Xpand IT DNA: we take happiness very seriously

A sound mind in a sound body. At Xpand IT, we follow that rule and want our staff to follow it too. A study conducted by two MIT researchers for the scientific magazine Nature Communications concluded that exercising is “socially contagious”. That’s why we promote several activities that are able to stimulate equally both the physical and mental health of all participants. From after-work gatherings to CrossFit classes, there’s a range of activities for everyone. Regardless of the activity, what matters most in the end is spending time together, bonding between teams. That is Xpand IT’s DNA spirit.

Xpand IT Sports: “Moving” is the motto

At Xpand IT the range of activities is varied, as we know that not everyone likes the same type of exercise. Staff can join the running group (if you are a diehard runner) or the football team, if you prefer a good football match. In case none of these options appeals, we’ve got you covered! Xpand IT also organises regular CrossFit classes (in Braga at CrossFit Bom Jesus and in Lisbon at 1Fight gym) and functional training. Above all, we want Xpanders to feel relaxed and in shape!

Xpand IT Library: a book is the best nutrition

According to the wise words of Emmanuel Kant, “a joyful read is as useful to health as is exercising the body”. At Xpand IT, we believe in the importance of stimulating reading, and we know that there are multiple benefits from the practice of regular reading. According to a study published in Neurology, the aging process brings a decline in memory and cognitive function. However, according to the same study, regular reading impedes that process, making it an excellent ally to keep the mind in shape.

In this spirit, we created the Xpand IT library, a working project that is being put together through the contribution of all staff. The library will be available soon and will have a space dedicated to books, with free book requests for everyone. Xpanders will be able to contribute with all genres of literature because we understand that it’s important to stimulate creativity, share knowledge and create closeness between all staff.

Xpand IT Outdoor: Work hard, play hard(er)

Because we give our best every day at Xpand IT, we believe that it is equally important to pave the way for staff to be able to have relaxing and bonding moments amongst themselves –strengthening bonds of friendship between teams. Work hard, play hard(er) is the motto that really defines Xpand IT’s outdoor initiatives, characterised by rooftop sunset events. Our staff in the North holds the gatherings in Girassol, in Viana do Castelo, or in downtown Porto. It’s a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a work break.


At Xpand IT we believe that the route to success is by doing what makes us happy. We understand the fundamentals of having a company culture that fosters our staff’s wellness, and based on that we created several internal events that reflect how seriously we take our staff’s happiness.

Ana PaneiroXpand IT DNA: we take happiness very seriously


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