Xpand IT announces strategic partnership with Toledo Design

Shortly after announcing the creation of the Microsoft Solutions Center, a centre of excellence dedicated to Microsoft technologies, Xpand IT announces an exclusive partnership with Toledo Design aiming to take Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps to the next level.

Xpand IT, a global company specialised in Enterprise Mobility, Big Data, Business Intelligence, BPM & Enterprise Middleware, announces today a strategic partnership with Toledo Design – a global reference firm in experience architecture, interface design, and design education. This partnership will allow Xpand IT to combine its expertise in mobile apps development with Toledo Design’s capacity to design truly unique experiences and UX for Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

Xpand IT and Toledo Design are now partners in the design and creation of premium Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. With Xpand IT’s solid development and engineering capabilities and Toledo Design’s unique experience and user interface design expertise, this partnership offers the most competitive solution to Windows and Windows Phone app development for both Consumer and Enterprise markets in Portugal.

Arturo Toledo, co-founder of Toledo Design

toledo2_xpandit-01Sérgio Viana, Microsoft Solutions Center Manager at Xpand IT – “Helping our customers define a real mobile strategy for their companies has been driving Xpand IT’s work in Enterprise Mobility since the beginning. User experience and usability are gaining as much importance as the technical quality of the apps we create. With that in mind, we searched for a partner that could help us make the difference, now that we are launching the Microsoft Solutions Center, in delivering top Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. We approached Toledo Design, found a common ground and established an exclusive partnership for the Portuguese market. We are confident that this will take our apps to the next level, allowing our customers to gain a competitive advantage through the premium experience they will provide in their apps.”

For more information about Toledo design, please click here

Toledo Design is a Seattle-based experience architecture, user interface design and design education studio founded by Arturo Toledo and Alejandro Toledo. Arturo is a former Microsoft Product Manager, Design Evangelist and Experience Design in Redmond. Toledo Design provides community-though leadership in modern design principles, with mentorship from Massimo Vignelli and in collaboration with Microsoft, Nokia, AppCampus and some startup organisations in North America and Europe.


Ana PaneiroXpand IT announces strategic partnership with Toledo Design



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