Xpand IT Releases Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin v2.0

Xpand IT has just released a new version of the free plugin that offers more autonomy and an amazing visual experience to the Pentaho Business Analytics users.

The aim of the latest update of FusionCharts Pentaho Plugin is to allow „non-technical“ Pentaho platform users to create their reports for analysis and display them in extremely appealing charts. With the development of this plugin’s new version, Xpand IT wants to combine the functional side of the Business Intelligence platform with the great aesthetical effects of the FusionCharts suit, making them intuitive and oriented for the business end user. Version 2.0 of this plugin was released last October 16 and is available for free download on the Xpand IT website.

Pentaho Business Analytics is a comprehensive BI suite that includes a wide range of functionalities to explore and visualise data. Version 4.5 provides an architecture that allows users to add third party graphic libraries to the data exploration tool. Xpand IT found this opportunity and decided to deploy a new version of the plugin, by allowing the use of FusionCharts directly in the end user data exploration tool. This way, the FusionCharts library shows the analysis data that are defined by the user, in an animated and interactive way, allowing them to use several types of charts at the same time.

The major advantage of this new upgrade is that any Pentaho user doesn’t need to have the technical knowledge to be able to explore information and to view their results in their favourite type of chart. These charts can be saved and integrated into one dashboard only, which gives users a unique visual experience available to all users. Xpand IT is a Pentaho official partner and FusionCharts reseller. These strategic alliances allow offering the best solutions to our customers by combining technologies and in the end improving the user experience.


FusionCharts is an industry pioneer with over 21,000 customers and 450,000 users in 118 countries. More than 80% of the Fortune 500 organisations including Apple, Google, Facebook and NASA use FusionCharts products to add delight to their data visualisation. Xpand IT is FusionCharts Worldwide Reseller, thus guiding you throughout the process of purchasing and implementing solutions anywhere in the world.


Ana PaneiroXpand IT Releases Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin v2.0

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