Zwoox – Simplify your Data Ingestion

Zwoox is a data ingestion tool, developed by Xpand IT, that facilitates data imports and structuring into a Hadoop cluster.

This tool is highly scalable, thanks to its complete integration with Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub, and takes full advantage of several different Hadoop technologies, such as Spark, Hbase and Kafka. Zwoox eliminates the need to encode data pipelines ‘by hand’, regardless of the data source.

One of Zwoox’s biggest advantages is its capability to accelerate data ingestions, offering numerous options for data import and allowing real-time RDBMS DML replications for Hadoop data structures.

Despite the number of different tools that allow data import for Hadoop clusters, only Zwoox is capable of executing the import in an accessible, efficient and highly scalable manner, maintaining data in HDFS (with Hive tables) or Kudu.

Some of the possibilities offered by Zwoox:

  • Automation and partitioning in HDFS;
  • Translation of data types;
  • Full or delta upload;
  • Audit charts (with full history) without impacting on performance;
  • Derivation of new columns with pre-defined functions or “pluggable” code;
  • Operational integration with Cloudera Manager.

This tool is available on Cloudera Solutions Center and will be available soon on Xpand IT’s website. Meanwhile, you can access our informative document. If you’d like to learn more about Zwoox or data ingestion, please contact us.

Ana LamelasZwoox – Simplify your Data Ingestion



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