The role of Power Pages in business ecosystems

  • Power Pages allows the creation of personalized interfaces, with the ability to integrate information from various sources and facilitate a unified and in-depth view of data.
  • Discover, in this article, all the benefits and the role of Power Pages in business ecosystems.

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, where technology plays a transformative role in business strategies, Power Platform tools have emerged as a catalyst for innovation, with increasing adoption. According to  Gartner, „by 2026, low-code development tools will account for 75 per cent of new applications developed“.

Power Platform allows companies to create personalised solutions, integrate data from various sources, automate processes and build applications that require no technical knowledge – through citizen developers.

Power Pages, as an integral part of the Power Platform, become more relevant in the creation of personalised interfaces, have the ability to integrate information from various sources and facilitate a unified and in-depth view of the data. These interfaces transcend the boundaries between technology and the user, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions and offer engaging experiences.

The main benefits of Power Pages

Power Pages stand out in the creation of websites and have several advantages over traditionally built web pages. Being no-code/low-code in nature, they make it possible to create interfaces without technical knowledge. In addition, they are integrated into the Microsoft Power Platform universe, allowing them to be connected to other Microsoft tools such as Dataverse, Power Apps or Power Automate.

However, the benefits of adopting Power Apps also extend to practical business needs:

  1. Create engaging experiences: Power Pages allow you to create interactive and personalised web pages. It has a wide selection of pre-built models and templates, but it is also possible to build a page completely from scratch and 100% personalised. They are also fully responsive, automatically adapting to different screen sizes and devices.
  2. Connect to your data: By integrating with Microsoft ecosystem platforms such as Microsoft Dataverse, SharePoint or Excel, Power Pages simplify access to and presentation of data from various sources. They can be easily connected to Power Apps to create personalised forms and workflows and to Power Automate to automate tasks and processes.
  3. Share and collaborate with ease: Power Pages can be shared with people within the same organisation, with clients or partners, allowing you to control who and what they can edit. When connected to Power BI, it is possible to add data analyses, while the integration of Power Virtual Agents makes it possible, for example, to include Artificial Intelligence chatbots.

The role of Power Pages in business ecosystems

Although Power Pages have obvious benefits to building web pages, they also serve as PaaS (Platform as a Service), as they facilitate collaboration between partners from the most diverse ecosystems. As they were created specifically for external users, they are a great solution for optimising operations, reading data, and gathering valuable insights.

For example, in a collaborative scenario where a bank is ready to offer tailored credit to a retailer’s customers and the retailer wants to provide financing options to its customers, Power Pages could be the ideal solution. As they have a robust security model, they allow the exchange of sensitive data and encourage safe and regulated collaboration.

In this scenario, the bank creates a Purchase Finance Portal for that particular retailer. In this portal, both parties interact, share data, and make decisions in real-time. Customers explore financing offers, make payment simulations and apply for credit approval if it makes sense.

Main benefits obtained:

  1. Secure data: Power Pages allow credit data to be shared securely. Regulations are respected.
  2. Easy collaboration: The portal enables real-time collaboration. The bank adapts offers, and the retailer approves orders instantly.
  3. Informed decisions: Power Pages show financing options clearly. Customers calculate payments and compare offers.
  4. Improved experience: The retailer’s customers obtain financing from the bank, simplifying the purchase.

In this particular case, Power Pages simplified and ensured collaboration between a bank and a retailer. However, its applicability can be extended to other industries and represent an asset in your specific business.

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At Xpand IT, we believe that Power Pages, and the Power Platform universe, can revolutionise how businesses operate and collaborate. By offering an integrated and personalised view of information, Power Pages help to make informed decisions and optimise operations. If you believe this technology could benefit your business, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will explore what kind of solution we can implement to make your business more efficient.

Sérgio VianaThe role of Power Pages in business ecosystems


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