[Success Story]: Brisa – Business Intelligence Solution

Xpand IT has implemented, in a partnership with Brisa, a near real-time BI platform for the maintenance of Brisa’s infrastructure. Brisa manages a vast network of highways where many tolls coexist. The equipment installed in those tolls, such as cameras and lasers, have the ability to send data regarding their operative state. This information is stored in a central database. Brisa’s maintenance crew is responsible for monitoring all the devices in the network, analysing at each moment their state and identifying problems. Before the implementation of this solution, that analysis was made through direct queries in Brisa’s databases.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient analysis of events in the Brisa network, discovering new correlations;
  • Analysing the relationships between events and traffic and acting faster for more critical issues;
  • More proactivity in the management of some events;
  • Efficiency regarding the recognition of registrations and classification of traffic in tolls;
  • Keeping historical data of events to enable long term analysis.
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Ana Paneiro[Success Story]: Brisa – Business Intelligence Solution



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