Xpand IT Openbravo Solution is DGCI certified

On 31 January 2011 Xpand IT was certified for its Openbravo solution for the national market, becoming the first company to obtain the certification for this solution to comply with the rules of the Ordinance nº 363/2010, which regulates Software Certification and thus obtaining the certification no. 30 by DGCI.

Xpand IT provides to the national market a Certified ERP solution – Openbravo – with SAF-T PT exportation module. This 100% Web solution combines the Open Community version with a Xpand IT proprietary module, ensuring an anticipated answer to the new legal demanding expressed in Ordinance no. 363/2010.

Since late 2009, Xpand IT has invested in dynamics, adaptation and deploying of new Openbravo solution modules. The main objective is not only the adaptation to the Portuguese market but also to make this solution an excellence alternative to traditional ERPs. The solution also comes in a SaaS model. This way, besides the modules that are natively provided by Openbravo,

Xpand IT includes the following modules:

  • SAF-T PT Certification / Exportation;
  • Pricing Model (based on ABC and ABM);
  • Human Resources – Managing wage categories, processing wages/bank integration for automatic payments, recruitment and contracts, etc.;
  • BI CPM – Corporate Performance Management – Financial BI solution, directly integrated with ERP, which provides dashboards /reporting/exploring data at a Strategic, Tactical and Operational level, especially with the integration of the pricing model results.

More Information:

What is the Ordinance no. 363/2010?

This ordinance was published in Diário da República, 1st series, no.120 from June 23, 2010, and established the regulation of the previous certification of invoicing IT applications.

This measure from DGCI (Direcção-Geral dos Impostos – Tax Administration) was created because there was a need to regulate invoicing applications, in order for them to comply with requirements that ensure that all registered information is inviolable, avoiding data adulteration in a context where more and more people use electronic data processing systems, namely for goods and services’ invoicing.

Who needs certification?

All computer programs used by a taxable person need certification from DGCI to issue invoices or similar documents, as established on articles no. 36 e 40 of CIVA (Código do Imposto Sobre o Valor Acrescentado).

The taxable person must ensure that their software complies with the new legal regulations.

Who doesn’t need the certification?

The following taxable persons using invoicing applications are excluded from certification:
If using software that was developed in-house or by a company from the same economic group, having property of copyrights;

If having transactions exclusively with clients that work in production, sales or services, including those who are professional;
If having had a turnover inferior to € 150 000 (mandatory from January 1, 2011);
If having issued less than 1000 invoices or similar documents.

From what date is mandatory to provide certified programs?

Ordinance no. 363 / 2010 stipulates mandatory certification from January 1, 2011 for taxable persons that have had a turnover higher than € 250 000 and from January 1, 2012 for taxable persons that, have had a turnover higher than € 150 000.

Ana PaneiroXpand IT Openbravo Solution is DGCI certified



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