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Artificial Intelligence: The Future is now

It’s not exactly breaking news that the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining some ground. A new wave of platforms that achieve maximum performance using the last generation of processors are obtaining really positive results. However, the question still stands: what defines this subject and what practical uses does it offer?

Ana PaneiroArtificial Intelligence: The Future is now
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Xpand IT opens new office in the USA

Lisbon, Viana do Castelo, Porto, Braga, London … and now, San Francisco. This is Xpand IT’s sixth office, a move that represents an investment in a city outside Europe, looking to respond to the quick growth that the product area has been experiencing all over the world, but particularly in the USA.

Ana PaneiroXpand IT opens new office in the USA
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Welcome to Tableau Prep!

According to a Harvard Business Review article from 2017, people spend 80% of their time prepping data and only 20% analysing it. Tableau acknowledged that problem and came up with a simple solution: Tableau Prep.

Ana PaneiroWelcome to Tableau Prep!
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Big Data: the state of the art

Xpand IT cannot define the state of the art of Big Data without reflecting upon the huge annual increase in the adoption of Big Data technologies, from which we highlight the Confluent and Cloudera platforms.

Nuno BarretoBig Data: the state of the art
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GDPR – Our commitment

GDPR is the trending abbreviation and does not need any introduction. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on the 25th of May and marks a new era concerning data and personal data processing. It concerns companies and individuals, in and outside of the European Union, as long as a European citizen is part of the transaction.

Ana PaneiroGDPR – Our commitment
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Blockchain: society’s new paradigm

Blockchain has been much discussed recently. We decided to gather our three Blockchain experts to talk about the subject in order to clarify its concept, the differences between public Blockchain and private Blockchain and its practical uses in some industries, such as in Health and in Supply Chain.

Ana PaneiroBlockchain: society’s new paradigm
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Microsoft collaboration: promoting innovation with Azure

Our partnership with Microsoft has been growing through the years. What started as a small Business Unit inside the company has grown to a globally recognized team of experts in specific areas like Xamarin, Azure and Big Data. And all the work we’ve done in these past four years with customers has led to a very impressive list of companies with whom we’ve been able to develop outstanding solutions that are able to deliver great experiences to end users.

Sérgio VianaMicrosoft collaboration: promoting innovation with Azure
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Xpand IT DNA: we take happiness very seriously

A sound mind in a sound body. At Xpand IT, we follow that rule and want our staff to follow it too. A study conducted by two MIT researchers for the scientific magazine Nature Communications concluded that exercising is “socially contagious”. That’s why we promote several activities that are able to stimulate equally both the physical and mental health of all participants. From after-work gatherings to CrossFit classes, there’s a range of activities for everyone. Regardless of the activity, what matters most in the end is spending time together, bonding between teams. That is Xpand IT’s DNA spirit.

Ana PaneiroXpand IT DNA: we take happiness very seriously
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Tableau 2018.1: Make your data make an impact

Make your data make an impact. That is the Tableau goal: to translate available data into useful value, allowing it to have a positive effect on businesses. Consequently, Tableau, aiming to respond to the emerging needs of new self-service tool users, has decided to change its market positioning and has started to declare: Data everywhere. Tableau for everyone.

Ana PaneiroTableau 2018.1: Make your data make an impact
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