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Everything we do is to inspire others to achieve outstanding results

 Everything we do is to inspire others to achieve outstanding results. We do that by investing in IT mastery to generate market value. As a global company specialised in Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Collaboration Solutions, CRM, Custom Development, Data Science, Digital Xperience, Middleware and User Experience, we have top services and significant national and international clients.

With a posture of honesty and cooperation with more than 340 clients in the service area in more than 30 countries, we have already achieved 370 employees. We are also responsible for developing numerous software products, and are known for technological knowledge and “Passion for Excellence”.

Our story

Xpand IT was created at the end of 2003 by two tech-savvy entrepreneurs: Marco Oliveira and Pedro Gonçalves. Their goal was to build a great company, with a highly specialised team in leading edge software areas and technologies, which was able to inspire others to achieve amazing results. With a team of 370+ experts and using a disruptive model/approach compared to traditional IT Consultants and System Integrators, we have helped thousands of companies and teams all around the world to bring amazing IT projects to life. Below you can find our core cultural values:


  • We pursue innovation and invest in IT mastery to add value in everything we do


  • We invest in everyone’s well-being inside and out of the company


  • We keep it real and genuine building trustworthy relationships


  • We empower everyone to contribute to common successes through feedback and cooperation





Technology experts

Our Management Team

Paulo Lopes - Partner & CEO

Paulo Lopes

Partner & CEO

Pedro Gonçalves - Co-Founder & CTO

Pedro Gonçalves

Co-Founder & CTO

Marco Oliveira - Co-Founder & Adviser

Marco Oliveira

Co-Founder & Advisor

Rui Maia - Partner & CHRO

Rui Maia

Partner & CHRO

Nuno Barreto - Partner & Big Data Lead

Nuno Barreto

Partner & Big Data Lead

Sérgio Viana - Partner & Microsoft Solutions Lead

Sérgio Viana

Partner & Digital Xperience Lead

Ricardo Pires - Partner& Business Intelligence Lead

Ricardo Pires

Partner & Business
Intelligence Lead

Francisco Costa - Entreprise Solutions Lead

Francisco Costa

Partner & Enterprise Solutions Lead

We’re a proud partner of the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy movement

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