We speed up the creation of your portals

At Xpand IT, we seek to speed up the development of your apps or portals, relying on technology that offers effective assurance that it will deliver quality developments in a more agile manner. React.js is known for its development speed since it is based in reusable components. This is one of the features that allows for easy maintenance of the solution since, normally, the solution models help its agility.

Consulting in React and in UX/UI

Technical support from experts

Personalised implementing of portals/apps

Management and testing of portals/apps

Why React.js technology?

Works well at large scale

React.js is a technology that has been proven to work very well at large scale. An excellent example of that is Facebook, in which a large team was assigned to the development of React.js, which ensures constant evolution of the technology (besides the remainder of the community that is also dedicated to this development).

It’s just Javascript

Similarly to other types of technology, such as Angular or Node.js, React.js is “just” Javascript. It is present in Javascript’s stack, with all its advantages. By choosing a fullstack Javascript solution, we ensure less code cloning and more intervention of our experts in the whole process of architecting a solution.

Building for all platforms

React.js is very versatile and allows us to build apps for all platforms. Apps, or portals, can be developed to have different versions for every device to ensure that it is possible to work in and view the desired quality, whether we are accessing it from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Used by big companies

React.js is the choice of many global companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, Walmart, PayPal, etc. This is proof of trust in the technology and that it is reliable to be used in business environments with high-volume use and the need to scale.

No one knows React like us

As experts in React.js, the Xpand IT team has the necessary knowledge to ensure that your portals and applications are developed with quality and scalability, in an agile and fast way.

Our experts, specialised in Custom Development, ensure consultancy, support, and development throughout the process. React.js is used by some of the largest companies in the world, such as Facebook and Paypal, which guarantees a constant evolution in technology.

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