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Companies know that Systems and Processes Automation is a key approach for increasing productivity and re-energising businesses, making them more competitive. What are your application integration plans?

Our secret is a multi-disciplinary team with mastery in Middleware, API Management, and Identity Management, with a flexible and interactive approach, and power technology partners like WSO2, Microsoft and Mulesoft.

With several years of experience with integration patterns and architectural models, such as SOA, EAI, ESB, and Microservices, our team can help you to achieve all the benefits related to increased visibility, refined control of integrations and better-managed processes, by delivering industry-leading solutions to improve quality, productivity and innovation.

Our services

Strategy definition

We can help you to build a strategy that will let you achieve your integration goals and minimise the risk involved. We have the expertise to provide you with a complete vision of a robust and resilient Integration Architecture.

Middleware implementation

Our experts can help implement a complete Middleware strategy. Our team has leading skills in the design and implementation of integration solutions using models and architectural patterns best suited for you reality, providing services for architecture definition and support, as well as assessments on existing architectures and product implementations.

Support & Training

Xpand IT certified professionals have in-depth knowledge of middleware solutions, supported by many years of experience in Fortune 500 Companies. We can provide you with the necessary support to manage and implement your solution, as well as specific technical training for your teams.

How can we help?

Corporate middleware implementation

In large organisations, system proliferation is a reality, increasing the need for data and process integration. Without a proper architecture, this challenge becomes complex and denormalized, creating strong dependencies and limitations between processes and systems. Xpand IT has extensive experience implementing transversal Middleware solutions, ensuring sustainable growth of your business systems, optimizing your operation efficiency, and promoting innovation and new opportunities.


Departmental systems integration

As organisations grow, the need for departmental solutions able to tackle specific business challenges rises. Because integration is also critical to support business operations, a finely tuned architecture must be put into place to create the foundations of information exchange. An oriented approach with a proper Middleware architecture supports effective information integration between business applications and new digital initiatives.

Customer and partner engagement with API management

If you provide services to customers or partners, or if you want to promote your service consumption internally or externally, then API Management is the best approach for your business. A full API Management solution unlocks the potential of services and data, providing a central security enforcement entry point and a simplified platform to expose, manage and enhance your APIs usage. This process helps you get more visibility of your business behaviour, optimise partner integrations, detect threats and new opportunities to your business, and get the most value from your infrastructure and services through API monetization.


Centralized identity and access management

Managing accesses and identities between multiple systems is a harsh task subject to risks, potentially compromising the security of organizations. The Identity & Access Management solutions allow you to centralize application access management in a single platform, offering high levels of security and refined degrees of control. Supporting countless industry standards and protocols, these solutions are highly adaptable to the reality of your business and systems, providing personalized experiences to organizations and their end-users on top of robust authentication and authorization mechanisms, thus minimizing the risk and cost of access management.

Case studies

Effective management of services

The solution presented by Xpand IT sought to streamline all these management processes and the implementation of new integrations with the UA.

Shifting the integration paradigm

Credibom required the implementation of a robust middleware platform to allow the sustainable growth of integration between systems.

ECM system for handling and classification

Brisa is in a never ending-evolution company so it was clear that it needed a platform that was common to every department but still respected their differences.

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