Modernising your business with Google Cloud

In a continuously evolving market, Xpand IT is committed to helping companies adapt to new challenges by offering dynamic, scalable, secure solutions. With help from our team of Google technology experts, and as Google Cloud partners, we provide support at every stage of the project, aiming to optimise the technology’s full potential, from architecture design and the implementation of cloud solutions through to data management and analysis. 

Specialist Google consultancy services

Evaluating cloud services

Cloud strategy

Data analysis and management

Planning and implementation

Testing and technical support

Why Google Cloud?

Application modernisation

Understand how you can take advantage of cloud technology to quickly create new applications and modernise existing ones. Discover the different possibilities offered by this technology and how to make the most of it for the benefit of your business. 


Invest in a solution with a simple, efficient interface, that has the backing of leading security experts and that continually invests in data security and protection.  

Analytics in Google Cloud

Google Cloud has a wide range of solutions for processing and analysing data, regardless of its volume. The robust cloud solution provides optimum performance, from ingesting the data to making it available for visualisation or integration with other applications, allowing you to get more value from your data. 

AI + machine learning

Make the most of these tools and benefit from task automation, cost reduction and increased productivity, allowing you to build customised solutions that are more competitive on the market.  

Better productivity and collaboration

Increase the productivity of your organisation and your teams, using technology to optimise the performance of your business. By using Google Cloud, you can automate various tasks such as backups, system updates or even network administration. 

Trust the top Google Cloud partners

As Google Cloud partners, Xpand IT has a team of Google Cloud technology experts ready to modernise your business. 

Together we will develop the best solution for your business, allowing it to benefit from all the advantages that Google Cloud technology has to offer. 

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