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Did you know that Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition is now available as part of the Pentaho+ platform? You can find out more on this page.

With an agile and interactive approach, our Pentaho+ experts team can help you throughout the implementation process, training and adaptation to your business environment.

As Pentaho+ experts, we have projects and success stories, which involve broader knowledge, from ETL over to Custom Dashboards, Enterprise Portals and even more complex solutions.

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Why Pentaho+?

Codeless Pipeline Development

Pentaho Data Integration CE (PDI) is a powerful ETL tool and stands side by side with the most popular proprietary platforms. It offers unlimited data manipulation features, allowing accessing, preparing, integrating and sending of data from a wide variety of sources. PDI uses an intuitive GUI and does not require any coding skills, putting pipeline development at the fingertips of users.

Flexible Platform

Pentaho Data Integration makes it easy to tackle the challenges of managing data, whether it is the creation of templates to ingest a wide variety of data sources to streamline the process, work on a multi-cloud environment or in streaming and batch all this can be achieved with PDI.

The best Pentaho+ Experts you’ll ever find

As Pentaho+ Experts, we help global organisations implementing complex data pipelines to address business challenges. With projects all over the world and success stories in several industries, Xpand IT is recognised for its technological knowledge and “Passion for Excellence”.

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