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Webinar: Getting a Hold of your Data with Business Rules & Pentaho

21st February, 2018 | 10:00 AM

When dealing with a large variety of data it becomes clear that on some input systems typically data is not fully structured but still obeys to specific patterns generating a “data footprint”. When you can easily define this footprint, it means it can be automatically assessed and identified while the data is loaded into your Data Mart or Data Lake, ensuring your data is ready to be interpreted by your analytics applications.

Join us for this Webinar and learn how to use Pentaho to assess your data footprint and to avoid spending too much time looking for the problem in your input data.

Past Webinars

Webinar: Test Automation with Xamarin

December 01, 2015 – 10 am EST

This free webinar was planned to help developers and testers the essentials of mobile app testing to create awesome apps that users will love.

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