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Sometimes companies cannot find a pre-existing solution in the market able to fit all requirements of their business. So, why compromise your needs?

At Xpand IT, we train people in our teams to become true experts in custom development within the technologies we use. This way, we are able to ensure the best solutions for a large array of problems, by using technology such as Java, .Net and Javascript, in a fullstack vision.

We analyse your business and your requirements, and we draw out the best solution, using the best technologies and frameworks.

How can we help?

Defining a strategy

We are the ideal partner to help you define a strategy that allows you to achieve your goals and minimise risks. We have the necessary knowledge to define the appropriate architecture for your business, be it a portal or a backend core solution.

Specialised consulting

Our experts can make a difference in implementing a strategy and finding solutions with the help of a range of technology. Furthermore, we provide the following services: Analysis, Development, Testing and Governance.

Experts outsourcing

Our team is composed of professionals with many years of experience in projects across different industries. They also know the main technologies and frameworks in the market: Java, Spring, Node.js, Angular, .Net, React and Liferay. We assess your needs and put together a specialised team to work on your existing processes.

Development & QA

We’re committed to high standards of quality. That’s why a big part of our methodology has to do with quality assurance and testing, so that we can engage in corrective and evolutive maintenance by using DevOps tools, by regularly testing our solutions and improving what needs to be improved.

Technology use cases

Digital channel implementation

More than ever, digital channels are fundamental to the success of our customers. That is why Xpand IT has extensive experience implementing the most varied digital channels, using the most diverse combination of technologies.

We help gather both technical and business requirements so that we can initially evaluate the best architectural solution for the needs of each company. We have a comprehensive offer because we believe there is no single answer.

Implementing core processes

To get to the information available in portals, we need to process it. Sometimes, this processing is part of our integration developments or of our processing of large amounts of data.

In order to achieve this, we rely on technology such as Java, .Net, Spring framework or even Node.js to develop core business solutions (backend), most times without an associated portal.

We work with countless customers and we specialise in their business, therefore contributing to its strategic development.

Destination: Cloud

We’ve known for a long time that the future of most solutions will be in the cloud. This is where our teams of experts can help, whether in the development of cloud-native solutions or in the migration or modernization of om-prem solutions to the cloud.

We aim to help you in this process, which we understand can sometimes be unclear or harder to grasp. All processes have their own pace, and for that reason, we are prepared to help you make the transition as safe as possible, ensuring that the business can never stop.

Success cases

Leverage integrated access to information

The company wanted to unify the way they communicate with their customers and partners, simplifying the entire support process.

Revolutionise the business of waste

First Mile mission is to revolutionise the business of waste by betting on ‘best of breed’ technologies. Learn how the did it. loyalty portal

The creation of a successful loyalty programme was an essential step in its communication strategy and proximity to its customers.

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