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We are driven to make our customer operations efficient and cost-effective, integrating critical business processes.

Our expert team with mastery in SOA, BPM and EAP can conceptualise, architect and implement new capabilities through scalable, efficient and increasingly agile methodologies using WSO2’s open source and cloud-based middleware.

As WSO2 Experts, we have all the know-how to transform legacy models by integrating technologies, departments and partner organisations to increase productivity and grow competitiveness.

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Why WSO2?

Complete Integrated Enterprise Platform

WSO2 is an efficient platform that enables businesses to build, integrate, manage, secure and analyse their APIs, applications and Web services. WSO2 serves as the business process management and hosting environment for your SOA Strategy.

WSO2 helps to increase productivity through over 20 tools that cover all key categories from integration and API management. The componentised architecture enables adjusting business activity in response to market changes automatically.

100% Open Source Middleware

WSO2 offers a free and complete middleware portfolio. This solution enables developers to rapidly orchestrate business processes, compose applications and develop services using WSO2 and a broad range of services that integrate with legacy, packaged and SaaS applications.

100% open source and standards-based, WSO2 delivers rapid innovation by integrating Apache and other reference open source projects.

Optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT)

WSO2 provides the only modular platform that includes all the advanced capabilities of the Internet of Things (loT). The multi-tenant platform enables new business models and on-demand self-service streamlined processes.

WSO2 offers a highly scalable architecture with the flexibility to add or subtract capabilities to focus on building, integrating, analysing and managing IoT-enabled solutions. Are you ready to use the Internet of Things (loT) to your advantage?

Easy Integration with Other Systems

WSO2 offers the flexibility to easily evolve and grow your technology in a simple and efficient manner. The platform offers modern integration technologies, empowering enterprises to build connected businesses and integrate applications by many vendors.

Go to market faster with pre-configured integration scenarios, connector interactions and integration templates. Enjoy!

Used by Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 organisations rely on WSO2’s award-winning 100% open source platform and its robust performance and governance for their mission-critical applications that run trillions of transactions per year.

eBay, Cisco, Boeing, Barclaycard, Pacific Controls and Trimble are using WSO2 products to do amazing things. Why wait? Take action!

The best WSO2 Experts you’ll ever find

Xpand IT delivers WSO2 consultancy with successful deployments in a number of companies around the world. As WSO2 Experts, we integrate new technologies, departments and partners using open source enterprise middleware.

Our SOA & Enterprise Middleware portfolio is carefully tailored to allow us to engage customers in different stages of their middleware adoption journey so that we can build lasting partnership relationships with our clients.

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