We Build Awesome Cross-Platform Apps

We aim to inspire people to develop cross-platform apps while reducing costs and improving business performance using Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development.

With a team formed by experts in Enterprise Mobility, we can help your company by giving you all the tools you’ll need to build awesome Apps in a shared C# codebase for Windows, iOS and Android.

As a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, Xpand IT already has hundreds of apps deployed in different marketplaces, making us leaders in Enterprise Mobility.

Xamarin Expert Support

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Planning & Implementation

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Monitoring and Insights

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All you need to build amazing mobile apps

Xamarin Platform

Build awesome cross-platform apps

With the Xamarin platform you can create your native apps with a shared C# codebase on Windows, iOS & Android. You can share business logic, data access, networking code and other core functionalities.

It also simplifies the process of designing your mobile app. Building cutting-edge apps was never easier. Go mobile. Chose the Xamarin platform!

Xamarin Insights

Real-time monitoring to improve your apps

Xamarin Insights is the perfect tool to help monitor your app once it’s released in the market. It gives you a real insight into your audience on how they interact with the app.

You also get a report of every crash and which users were affected by it. All this without affecting your app speed. If you are looking for the ideal solution to monitor your Xamarin apps, you don’t need to look any further.

Xamarin Test Cloud

Automatic tests on thousands of devices

Find bugs in your app, before users do. With Xamarin Test Cloud, you can perform automated tests in over 2000 real devices in the cloud. These tests are executed by imitating users’ behaviour (swiping, pinching and tapping) while using any of the features available (GPS, Camera, Rotation…); after running your test, you’ll get a complete report of the app’s performance.

Looking to Build Mobile Cross Platform apps?

This whitepaper is to inspire people to reduce costs, accelerate time-to-market and improve business performance using Xamarin. Learn how to build native apps for Windows, iOS & Android with a single code base.

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As a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, we help companies reduce costs and improve business performance through Mobile. With a lot of experience in cross-platform apps development using .Net, we ensure native performance and user experience by harnessing the power of Microsoft ALM tools.

With hundreds of apps deployed in different marketplaces, we are leaders in Enterprise Mobility Application Services.

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