We transform your data with dbt

With Cloud adoption becoming a commodity, dbt stands out by being an engine-agnostic data transformation tool that seamlessly combines the best of SQL and scripting capabilities. It has become synonymous with efficient and scalable data analytics across multiple platforms. With its collaborative approach, teams can deploy analytics code following best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, rigorous testing and meticulous documentation. The commitment to instilling trust in data is at the core of Xpand IT’s mission. By leveraging dbt features, our teams of experts empower companies to harness the full potential of their data assets.

As official dbt partners, our team of experts have the right skills and knowledge to help your organisation on its data journey, whether you need assistance evaluating your dbt strategy, data modelling, or simply establishing platform best practices.

Data strategy and assessments

Data modelling

Architecture and platform best practices

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Why dbt?

Accelerate development

Leverage straightforward SQL SELECT statements to deduce dependencies, construct tables and views, and execute models sequentially. Harness the power of macros, ref statements, and auto-complete commands in the cloud IDE to create self-generating code. Enhance efficiency by incorporating Python packages for expeditious execution of intricate analyses.

Build for scale and complexity

Scale and grow your solution by unifying and standardising processes across your systems and providing integrations with many APIs.

Govern and control your analytics solution

Guarantee data quality with business logic validations and pre-emptively resolving issues to prevent adverse effects on your business. Enhanced transparency allows you to identify and rectify inefficient computing expenses while facilitating the integration of code modifications. Additionally, dbt incorporates version control to manage and track changes effectively, testing, logging, and alerting. Snapshot changes over time and provides open access to hosted documentation.


Manage risk with SOC-2 compliance, CI/CD deployment, RBAC, and ELT architecture. Transform -> Test -> Document

Your dbt partners of choice

As dbt partners, we are committed to bring greater value to organisations seeking to elevate their data analytics capabilities, drive innovation and achieve data-driven success.

With Xpand IT and dbt working hand in hand, we’re not just adapting to change – we’re driving it.