Driving Agility through the Best Cloud Service

We help companies develop faster and improve performance, implementing Azure solutions to simplify your operations.

With a team of experts in Cloud Services, we can help you plan, architect and deploy the mix of cloud solutions to give you a scalable infrastructure to support applications, web services or data management and analytics.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we strive always to differentiate our work using innovative tools and frameworks, and we are ready to help you build solutions using best-of-breed Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Expert Support

Cloud Needs Assessment

Cloud Strategy

Requirements Evaluation

Planning & Implementation

Testing and Troubleshooting


Xpand IT has pre-packaged two Cloud Journey Engagements targeting specific needs, helping you leverage Azure cloud technology to transform your business model.

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Why Microsoft Azure?

Application Modernization

Learn how you can take advantage of Cloud technologies to modernize existing applications in your reality. Evaluate the different components that make up the solution and how these should be migrated to Microsoft Azure to take full advantage of the technology.

Cloud Native

Design solutions that take advantage of the Cloud’s advantages right from the start. Define solutions that benefit from different Microsoft Azure components to create robust, secure and scalable applications.

Analytics on Azure

Microsoft Azure has a wide range of solutions that allow data processing and analysis, regardless of the data volume. Use cloud solutions with excellent performance and robustness, from data ingestion all the way to visualization or integration with other applications. In the end increasing further data value.

AI + Machine Learning

Accelerate the adoption of machine learning solutions through services that allow a flexible implementation and operationalization. Benefit from the integration with the whole ecosystem and increase the impact of these initiatives.

No one Knows Microsoft Azure like us

Xpand IT has been nominated 2021 Portugal’s Microsoft Partner of the Year. With a team focused on innovation, we take advantage of Microsoft technologies to help companies optimize their business without increasing costs.

We can help you decide which solution is best for your business, taking advantage of all the benefits that Microsoft Azure technology has to offer.

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