1. Privacy Policy

This applies to visitors and registered users of our Websites, our cloud and downloadable software products and services;

2. Terms of Use

Sets out the legally binding terms for access and use of the Xpand IT Websites and mobile applications;

3. Cookies Policy

Sets out the legally binding terms for the usage of cookies in Xpand IT Websites;


Applies to all customers who purchase an Xpand IT product license or subscription;

5. Free Software EULA

Only Applicable To Xpand IT Free Software;

6. SLA

Provides the Support Service Level Agreement for all Xpand IT products;

7. Subprocessors List

XPAND IT subprocessors for products

8. Data Processing Addendum

To obtain a copy of our Data Processing Addendum please contact us: [email protected]

9. Whistleblowing policy

At Xpand IT, we are committed to the highest levels of ethics and integrity so your report is important to us. If you suspect violations of the principles of Ethics and Anti-Corruption, report them here.

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