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Xpand IT opens new office in the USA


The company decided to invest in a city outside Europe, looking to respond to the quick growth that the product area has been experiencing. Learn all about this new challenge.

Automation with Jira Service Desk

Collaboration & Development Solutions

The Pestana Group was facing the need to process more than 1500 emails per day. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a platform that automated email processing and optimised resource re-allocation.

Welcome to Tableau Prep!

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Tableau Prep is the new ETL tool that allows users to extract data from a variety of sources, transform that data and output it, saving time and reducing hardships. Learn the benefits and advantages of this new solution.

Big Data: the state of the art

Big Data

The rise of the Digital Transformation paradigm proliferated Big Data use cases. There are three converging trends when it comes to Big Data technology: Data Science, Fast Data and Cloud.

Blockchain: new paradigm


Blockchain has been much discussed lately. We gathered our 3 Xpand IT Experts to clarify the concept, the differences between public and private blockchain and it’s practical uses in some industries.

Innovation with Azure

Enterprise Mobility

Recently, we’ve been invited by Oliver Gomersall to help share the “Art of the Possible” when it comes to Xamarin and Azure, technologies on which to build a successful and innovative Mobile practice.

Powering Innovation in our Customers

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