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WSO2 for Digital Transformation

Enterprise Middleware

WSO2 is an open source platform focused on providing services oriented to architecture solutions. In this article we intend to demonstrate how WSO2 can be used for Digital Transformation.

Context Marketing: what is it?

Digital Experience

Marketing has an essential role in the building of a long-lasting relationship between customers and businesses. Every day, we talk about how important Digital Marketing is, but what is Context Marketing?

Web Summit 2018: an overview


The Web Summit has ended and it was the biggest edition ever! In total, it was three days completely focused on nowadays’ most divisive issues, but also the hottest trends for the future.

Xpand IT’s at Web Summit


Web Summit is back to Lisbon and for the third year in a row, Xpand IT will be present as an exhibition booth. The goal is to reinforce its position as an IT leading company. Discover all that we have planned for you.

Microsoft Cognitive Services

Enterprise Mobility

Smart algorithms that allow apps, machines and bots to see, hear, talk, understand and interpret the needs of users through natural communication methods- a perfect symbiosis that allows for democratisation of AI.

Top 5 main Agile methodologies

Collaboration & Development Solutions

Have you heard of the Agile Manifesto and its core principles? Are you up to date with agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Crystal? In this article we consolidate the agile mindset and its advantages.

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