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We build personalised omnichannel experiences, focused on every user and powered by the Cloud

Our world is constantly changing. Customers’ expectations and needs are constantly evolving and companies need to build digital experiences that can accompany those changing needs and expectations. By combining best-of-breed technologies with our know-how in designing inspiring experiences, we can deliver meaningful experiences that will enhance the relationship between users and brands, in whichever device they choose to interact.

Our Digital Xperience business unit is focused on creating solutions that can be used in every device, anywhere. Our main goal is to build relevant experiences, catered to the unique needs of each user.

We have built a collaboration methodology called DX: as a Service, which is a service approach to digital projects. We believe that more than facing these initiatives as one-shot projects, we should work on digital projects continuously, together with our clients, and focus on results.

DX as a Service

Our objective is to build a team focused on understanding the client’s vision for the product and how technology can enable it and be responsible for developing and maintaining your products, involving the required people, technologies and methodology. Our methodology follows four different pillars:

Business strategy

We help our clients define their product roadmap, identify gaps from an ideal experience and define their engagement models.

Experience design

A great part of delivering a relevant experience has to do with how you design it. This is where we shape the experience, what exists now and what is yet to come, where we design the different customer journeys and carry out the quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Team management

We aim to deliver relevant experiences and for that our methodology needs to be aligned with all other teams involved. Our Service Lead is the main point of contact with our client and is responsible for managing the whole team, helping monitor the project and decide how to move forward.

Development & QA

We’re committed to high standards of quality. That’s why a big part of our methodology has to do with quality assurance and testing, so that we can engage in corrective and evolutive maintenance by using DevOps tools, by regularly testing our solutions and improving what needs to be improved.

How can we help?

Implementing relevant omnichannel experiences is a journey with different stages that requires extensive technological know-how. Our DX team of experts has the expertise and the technical knowledge needed to help you design and implement the experience you want your customers to have.  Our team specialises in creating different digital solutions for any device, anywhere, such as:

Customer facing apps

We focus on delivering great experiences to users, whether they are on a mobile device or on a browser – using technologies like Xamarin and Sitecore. And in order for those experiences to be fully personalized and relevant, we rely on Azure Services that range from App Services to APIM Management, Cosmos DB to Cognitive Services.

Digital Xperience

Business-driven backends

We focus on developing solutions that take advantage of the Cloud, by using different components from Azure, including Databricks, Event Hubs and API Management, among many others.

Employee empowerment

Using technologies like PowerApps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents we are able to create a momentum that empowers internal users to be solution developers – focusing from the beginning on how to ensure adoption. Also, in order to make sure the project is a success, IT is involved from day one to be a part of Governance and Security decisions.

Digital Xperience

Success cases

Ingka’s strategic evolution

Explore the Vue and Azure-based solution that Xpand IT developed for Ingka, whose main goal was to centralise all data in a single source of information.

Digital modernisation with Power Apps

EDP Labelec wanted to make the entire inspection registration process more efficient and wanted to digitise and make this process more productive.

Volunteering experience revamp

The aspiration for the new Bolsa do Voluntariado website was to improve and update all the technical architecture and to design a modern experience.

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