Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin now supports HTML5 & Real-Time Charts

Is already available the new version 2.1.0 of the free plugin that offers an amazing interactive charts library in Flash and HTML5 to the Pentaho Business Analytics users. This new update feature includes more types of charts supported, compatibility with other.

Xpand IT announces the 2.1.0 version of the Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin – a free dashboarding solution with more than 40 types of interactive graphics for Pentaho Business Analytics. This plugin provides the main features: Support Real-Time Charts; experience optimisation on mobile devices – now supporting HTM5 graphics and the possibility of using this library in Pentaho Dashboards EE. This new version will be officially presented to the community on the 14th February at 16.00 pm during the webinar “Advanced Techniques for Business Intelligence Dashboard”. Both the plugin download and webinar registrations can be made for free on the Xpand IT website.

Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin combines the functional character of Pentaho Business Analytics with a unique visual experience provided by FusionCharts. Regarding the main reasons for developing this new version, Xpand IT identified that this plugin had reached a significant number of users in the mobility context. In fact, Xpand IT users needed a different experience in this type of devices, and this version solves this problem. Also, the plugin also integrates Real Time Charts components for Community Dashboard Editor (CDE).

Xpand IT is Pentaho Gold Partner and FusionCharts Worldwide Reseller. With this partnership, we aim to create value for our clients through the integration of two reference technologies. FusionCharts is an industry pioneer with over 21,000 customers and 450,000 users in 118 countries. More than 80% of the Fortune 500 organisations including Apple, Google, Facebook and NASA use FusionCharts products to add delight to their data visualisation.


Ana PaneiroPentaho FusionCharts Plugin now supports HTML5 & Real-Time Charts



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