Self-Service BI for Telco Data

Celfinet is a privately-owned Portuguese company that provides technical consultancy and telecom solutions. The combination of highly specialised telecommunications know-how with IT expertise has enabled Celfinet to create a software solutions portfolio that is highly valued by customers, enabling them to increase their awareness of network issues and ultimately to improve end user satisfaction.

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Pentaho BI turned out to be the ideal platform for our BIAIRC Product, providing services like data integration & data analytics. Xpand IT demonstrated a profound technical knowledge and really supported our efforts to deliver an offer more agile, scalable and cost-efficient solution.

Ricardo Riquito - Sales & Marketing Director, AIRC

Key Benefits:

  • Faster response time to customer needs
  • Business insights from unbiased resources
  • Reduced development & integration costs

Featured Technology:

Open source solutions are starting in a mature cycle, meaning that corporate customers are discussing why and how should they deploy OSS in their critical systems. Pentaho, as a modern and embeddable software platform, that allows the user to access, visualize and quickly analyse large volumes of historical data, was the most adequate choice. It’s ETL capabilities to migrate customer data into its data warehouse, were also key when developing this solution.

Ana PaneiroCelfinet – Self-Service BI for Telco Data | Success Case