How Atlassian Tools

helped to achieve CMMI Level 5

Critical Software had a problem common to all areas of operation: “Yet another tool”. This means information was spread out through various tools, and this was something that slowed processes, making them less agile. Data management was laborious and inefficient. Therefore, it was decided to implement Jira Software in order to make processes more agile and reduce possible errors to the minimum .

CRITICAL Software opted for the Atlassian tools to consolidate and improve the practices provided for development in the CMMI model, thereby contributing to its CMMI-DEV accreditation increase from level 3 in 2006 to level 5 in 2009, which intensified the usage of the Jira app and others in the following years.


Key Benefits:

  • All processes of the company managed in a single place
  • Better quality of products and solutions
  • Less errors on information updates
  • Easy to understand product development paths
  • Easy export and template customisation
  • Obtaining the maximum level in CMMI accreditation (level 5)

Featured Technology:

It became a priority for CRITICAL Software to streamline software development, centralising all processes in only one tool, Jira Software. By using various Atlassian tools, CRITICAL Software was able to streamline countless processes and achieve the maximum CMMI level.

Ana PaneiroCritical Software – How Atlassian Tools helped to achieve CMMI Level 5 | Success Case