Data-driven sustainability

Ingka Group comprises three key business areas – IKEA Retail, Ingka Centres, and Ingka Investments. Ingka aims to create a better everyday life and is committed to responsible investments that add customer value. Ingka Investments’ Renewable Energy Portfolio invests in renewable energy assets, such as wind and solar farms, to support the reduction of the IKEA climate footprint and a broader transition towards a net-zero society.

Explore the Vue and Azure-based solution that Xpand IT developed for Ingka, whose main goal was to centralise all data in a single source of information, aiming to achieve data-driven sustainability.

The primary objective was to centralise all key asset data to ensure a single, reliable source of information, and allow users to manage the key data securely and reliably. In addition, data needed to be digitised and organised into a sustainable database format to enable seamless integration with other projects and easy sharing across multiple solutions.

It was also necessary to ensure that several applications using the database could continue functioning seamlessly while assuring centralisation.

Xpand IT implemented a solution that leverages the power of Azure e Vue 3 to restructure the Ingka Investments Renewable Energy database. The emphasis on the User Experience guaranteed stakeholders an intuitive and engaging platform for data-driven decision-making.

What really makes Xpand IT stand out from any other company I have worked with is their proactive, collaborative approach to developing solutions. Their team is fully engaged and continuously thinking with us to crystallise our requirements, driving the user experience and functionality of the app to the next level.

Ramses Alma – Program Manager


  • Centralised data management: consolidate all critical asset data into a single source
  • Improved decision-making: performance monitoring leads to increased operational efficiency
  • Seamless integration: efficient data flow across the organisation
  • Customised strategies: personalised workflows allow an optimisation of investments
  • Sustainability optimisation: opportunities for sustainable practices can be identified by data-driven insights



Vue is a powerful JavaScript framework for building web interfaces and applications. Its intuitive syntax and flexible architecture enable the creation of dynamic and responsive user experiences. In addition, Vue allows the use of an extensive ecosystem of plug-ins and libraries for seamless integration and customisation.


Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. Azure has integrated tools, pre-built templates, and managed services, meaning that developers and IT professionals can quickly build and manage their apps with technologies they already know, using skills they already have. Furthermore, Azure can support the main operating systems and almost every programming language, framework, tool, database and device.

Find out how we helped Ingka achieve data-driven sustainability

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