Speed up recruitment processes using Atlassian tools

Understanding the role of Human Resources (HR) within an organisation is not always an easy task. With increasing competition between companies, there is a need to ensure that HR teams can streamline their work in order to focus on their main priority: attracting talent.

In this handy e-book, we will explain, step by step, how to streamline recruitment processes using Atlassian tools.

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The main Recruitment processes

There are three Recruitment processes that we consider fundamental and that will be the target of this analysis of digital interworking with Atlassian tools.


Which we can understand as the whole process from the identification of the need to hire a new employee to the moment of their effective hiring, and the start of their corporate journey;


Phase in which the employee is hired and starts his/her functions. This period can be variable, however, we can say that the first months at the start of the journey will be the most critical, since they underpin the adaptation to new work processes, cultural reality and a new business mission;


The final process in the employee’s journey, which begins when the employee decides to embrace a new challenge in another organisation, for example. This process is often put aside, and much of the employee’s feedback ends up leaving with him/her without the company having had a chance to record or analyse it.

Main challenges

There are numerous challenges that make these three processes more difficult to execute.

  • Company sees no need to have technological tools
  • Profiling and identifying the competencies of potential employees
  • Attracting potential employees to the recruitment process
  • Understanding employee satisfaction
  • Obtaining as much information as possible about the employee's experience on leaving

Download now this free ebook and discover all the phases of the 3 processes presented, through a use case, and how Atlassian tools can help your business.

Through Atlassian’s tools, this set of processes can be interconnected in a simple and agile way, giving all the intervenients access to the same information, at the same time.

And so, from a holistic point of view, the process is carried out organically, and each stakeholder knows what their contribution is and how to contribute in the best possible way, leaving more time to focus on the employees and their well-being, and less on executing the processes themselves.

Ana PaneiroHow to: speed up recruitment processes using Atlassian tools