in the vehicle renting sector


Satisfying the needs of every client is LeasePlan Portugal’s highest priority. Our main focus is to ensure a simple renting process, transforming it into an enjoyable experience while providing all the necessary support. Consequently, we felt the need to develop a solution capable of facilitating the entire contract management process for vehicle hire, as well as providing the ability to resolve any problem that might potentially arise with the vehicles in an easy, practical manner – and all of this covered by a single solution.

In partnership with Xpand IT, we developed a mobile app that is based on:

– Keep our Driver safe out on the road – with a simple, secure and fast way to manage all the real moments with LeasePlan;

– User engagement – we want our drivers to feel connected to LeasePlan;

– Autonomy – any place, any time, any device.


Key Benefits:

  • Easy management, in a single hub, of Renting and Car Next contracts
  • Easy scheduling of occasional services, such as vehicle inspections or rental car returns
  • Ability to monitor vehicle preparation right up to delivery
  • Fast, precise identification of the closest repair centres in case of emergency
  • Agility reporting any incidents/accidents and guaranteed road assistance
  • Functionality for managing and updating personal data and activating warranties

Featured Technology:

Xamarin facilitates the development of multi-platform applications on Android, iOS and Windows. With Microsoft technology supporting the development of our apps, we can guarantee all the elements that form a native app: usability, performance and access to all the APIs provided by various operating systems. Xamarin allows us to decrease the time to market and total cost of ownership for all our solutions.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. LeasePlan decided on using Azure to develop the application’s back office and to handlethe entire user management process (logins and credentials), as well as for all the app’s campaigns. Using Azure, we are able to guarantee a solution is well-adjusted to its load in terms of potential app users.

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