These Terms of Use govern the all Xpand IT’s websites including under the master domains: xpand-it.com and xpand-addons.com, from now on will be referred as “these websites”.

The present conditions regulate the webpages use, in which the information related to Xpand IT services is made available to the public. We recommend that you read the information provided in detail.

The access and use of these websites contents implies the previous reading and acceptance, without any reservation, of these conditions.

Xpand IT reserves the right to refuse, suspend, interrupt, cancel access or use, totally or partly, of these websites to users or visitors who do not comply with any of the conditions in this Legal Notice.

These websites contain materials, such as articles, studies, project descriptions prepared by Xpand IT for informational purposes only. Xpand IT informs that it may modify, develop or update these materials at any time without notice.

Use of Content, Restrictions and Privacy Statement

Except when otherwise stipulated, users are authorized to view, copy, print and distribute the content of these websites (but never to edit it), as long as (i) such use is for information purposes and (ii) any copy of the content is followed by the copyright statement or any other attribute, related to its content (iii) its content is not copied, printed or distributed with changes, increases or deletions that are not marked as changes, increases or deletions made by the user and for his own liability.

The full content of these websites – including texts, graphics, images, sounds and any other information – is Xpand IT property, which owns all its intellectual rights, and the authorization given by Xpand IT to the users to view, copy, print and distribute those contents can never be considered as it has waived to any of its property rights over those contents.

Users are not allowed to copy or use any software or processes that are owned by Xpand IT or any technology built in these websites.

The user undertakes to access and use these websites in accordance with the applicable laws.

The user acknowledges and agrees that we may use the personal data and information that he voluntarily insert at our websites, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which are incorporated herein.

When the user inserts voluntarily his personal data and information at our websites the user must understand that by that way he also declares to agree to the terms of Xpand IT Privacy statement, including the obligations imposed on each.

Any information, material, idea, or content, except any personal data, inserted by one user at Xpand IT web sites will be considered by Xpand IT as non-confidential and free and without owner with regard to any property intellectual or industrial right, and for that reason Xpand IT will assume that it will have no obligations or limitation with regard to the confidentiality and property of that information, material, idea, or content.

Intellectual Property Rights; Non-use of Xpand IT names or logos

The whole content of these websites, is protected by Industrial and intellectual property rights, owned by Xpand IT or third parties, with non-transferable exploitation rights beyond what is strictly necessary for the correct use of the websites. By content means texts, images, files, photographs, logos, graphics, icons, colours, or any other element, its structure and design, selection and presentation format, and the software, links and other audio-visual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and source codes necessary for its operation, access and use.

These websites and its content are protected by copyrights, trademarks and other laws of the Portuguese State, by international conventions and/or other countries legal commands.

“Xpand IT” and Xpand IT logos are registered trademarks. The use of the Xpand IT brand alone or in combination with another words or design elements in any press releases, advertising, other promotional, marketing, media materials, whether written, oral, electronic or visual is prohibited in any other format, except as provided in these Terms of Use or in case of express written authorization granted by the respective trademark owner.

References to other brands, names or logos made on these websites are for identification purposes only and do not express the approval of their owners regarding these websites or any of its contents. These Terms of Use do not guarantee the users of this Website the rights to use trademarks, names or logos registered by third parties.

Warning and Disclaimer

These websites contain only generic information and they don’t provide professional advice or any kind of services. Before any decision or taking actions with financial consequences, you should consult a qualified professional.

Without prejudice to the above, these websites are made available as it appears, and don’t expressly or tacitly imply representation of third parties, and we do not offer any guarantees regarding its contents. There is no guarantee that these websites will be error free or meet any specific performance or quality criteria.

Xpand IT disclaims all implied warranties, including without restrictions, warranty of merchantability, denomination,               fitness for a particular purpose, no infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy of these websites contents.

The use of these websites is for user own risk, which assumes full responsibility and risk of loss. It can’t be assigned any liability for the use of these websites, including any direct or indirect injury, special, unintentional, consequent or punitive or of any other nature, whether arising in contract, statutes, unlawful (including without restrictions neglect behaviour), or any other.

Some links on these websites lead the users to websites, subwebsites and resources maintained by third parties (“Linked Sites”) over which Xpand IT has no control. Without prejudice of the above, there is no express or implied warranty about the Linked Sites and may not be considered as a Xpand IT recommendation. Xpand IT also disclaim any liability with regard to the access or use by the user of any an all Linked Sites.

The user   may not insert at Xpand IT websites any words or expressions which defame Xpand IT or any other individual or collective person, or that could be considered as inappropriate, injurious, discriminatory, racist, violent, pornographic, sexist, or aggressive to any religion or political option.

The user will be the only responsible for all the information, material, idea, opinion or contents it inserts at Xpand IT websites, and Xpand It hereby express and formally disclaim any liability regarding all the information, material, idea or contents inserted by the users at Xpand It websites, and reserves the right to delete it at its sole description.

The notice and limitations of liability above are applied in accordance with the law.

Additional Terms

These Terms of Use may be reviewed at any time. The revised terms will be posted on the Terms of Use (this page) or elsewhere on the websites. Such revisions will take effect from the moment they are placed on the page, unless otherwise indicated.

It is user’s full responsibility to be aware of the reviewed Terms of Use, checking the page periodically. The continued used of the websites after changes to these Terms of Use implies the acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.

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