AI-based innovation: OpenAI and modern web development

  • AI is revolutionising modern web development by enabling personalised experiences, solving complex problems, and enhancing user-friendly processes, crucial in the digital era;
  • Companies not integrating AI into their digital solutions face lower scalability and visibility than competitors, placing them at a disadvantage in the market;
  • AI tools facilitate website modernisation by automating content creation, providing personalised support through virtual assistants and chatbots, enabling website customisation, offering multilingual content translation, and enhancing user experiences and business competitiveness.

What impact will the use of Artificial Intelligence have on the construction and modernisation of products and services available on the Web? In this era of digitalisation, companies are affected by the need to provide 100% personalised experiences, guaranteeing solutions to complex problems and improving processes that make websites easier to use.

Looking at the path of companies that do not implement AI in their digital solutions, you can see that their market scalability is lower, and so is their visibility vis-à-vis their competitors, putting them in a vulnerable position.

Main challenges and limitations in a market without AI

If there’s one change that can be pointed to as a result of digitalisation, it’s user demand – the result of the modernisation to which users have been exposed – and it’s because of this that, as users find limitations in digital products and services, they move away from a loyal relationship with a particular company.

According to Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani, authors of the book “Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy and Leadership When Algorithms and Networks Run the World”, it is crucial to develop data-centric strategies with the implementation of AI, where analysis plays a fundamental role in strategic decision-making, guaranteeing the growth of the organisational economy and a positive consumer journey.

Modern web development with AI

AI tools have improved web development, opening the door to a long-sought reality: getting closer to the user. It is through advocating the implementation of these tools that many of our clients are able to be at the forefront of their business area.

How is this applied in practice? There are unique needs to be met on a website, the main focus being on providing the best experience, for example:

• Content: allows us to automate product descriptions, articles, and answers to frequently asked questions.

• Virtual assistants and chatbots: provide immediate and personalised support depending on the user’s questions, based on cohesive conversations similar to human interaction.

• Website customisation: creation of a model that learns to analyse user behaviour, offering users a personalised experience when it comes to content suggestions.

• Translation: provides a translation of the content into different languages appropriate to the business area.

AI application for traffic analysis

Have you ever thought about the amount of information you could receive about a user’s behaviour by implementing AI in your business? Today, with constant development, we are able to boost companies’ growth and also improve the user experience through traffic analysis and digital behaviour.

How? In fact, it is simple. By building precise models and well-defined objectives, we can turn your business into a benchmark for both the user and the market. It is through the implementation of AI in traffic analysis that we can obtain:

• Audience segmentation: AI allows us to analyse behavioural patterns, segmenting the audience based on preferences, browsing history and previous interactions.

• Personalised recommendations: thanks to good traffic analyses, we can present content focusing on the user’s interests, increasing the relevance of what is presented to them and narrowing down their searches.

• Layout and design optimisation: by understanding what the user wants, we can adapt the interface to their preferences and improve it regularly.

• Integration of marketing campaigns: we were able to collect enough information and use it in paid campaigns, once again boosting business.

We can see how much information we gain by using the right models, and even more so when they increase the likelihood of making informed and assertive decisions, giving us a competitive edge and an in-depth understanding of what our users are looking for, consuming and researching.

At Xpand IT, we take a holistic view of the potential of AI in modern web development. Our approach focuses on continuous monitoring at every stage of the project, to build a solution that meets the client’s needs; a solution that can and should be monitored so that it can be built on regularly and consistently. Contact us and find out about the personalised solutions we have for you.

Francisco CostaAI-based innovation: OpenAI and modern web development


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