Strategies for maximising teams’ productivity and collaboration

  • Ensuring team effectiveness demands project management strategies and tools. Organisations must prioritise team productivity, relying on motivating leadership, transparent communication, and clear objective definitions;
  • In today’s competitive landscape, maximising productivity is crucial. Atlassian’s ecosystem of products, including Jira Work Management, facilitates workflow, collaboration, and visibility among teams;
  • Atlassian’s tools offer customisation, improved communication, and enhanced visibility into work progress. Integration with products like Confluence and Tempo Timesheets optimizes project organisation, collaboration, and time tracking for solid, effective growth.

Ensuring that teams are effective can be a challenge when you do not apply project management strategies or tools. Organisations are now more aware of the need to maximise the productivity of their teams, which is the cornerstone of organisational success. Here are some of the fundamental pillars:

• Motivating leadership.
• Transparent communication.
• Positive working environment.
• Clear definition of objectives.
• Time management and task allocation.
• Appropriate tools and technologies.

Maximising teams’ productivity in organisations

With every more competitiveness in the business world, it is increasingly essential to apply tools that maximise productivity and team management, which are the catalysts for the success that organisations are looking for.

For example, if you had 55 tasks to delegate, how would you distribute them? Or if you had to prioritise? These are some of the questions our clients ask when they want to find an innovative solution for managing their business teams.


Atlassian products for organisational management

Atlassian is trying to overcome the main difficulties in managing teams and maximising productivity by using the potential of its ecosystem of products, which are suitable for improving the profitability of work between teams.

Jira Work Management is one of those products that has boosted the workflow between teams, as well as ensuring that there is collaboration and visibility between them.

There are many benefits to integrating them:

• Customisation, adapting to any process or need.

• Improved communication and collaboration between team members through the assignment of tasks, real-time comments and integration with other communication tools.

• Increased visibility among staff and management of work progress and team capacity, also contributing to efficient resource management.

• Increase productivity by automating routine tasks and organising work intelligently.

• Ability to integrate with other products and platforms, facilitating the scalability of tasks.

If you think about these benefits applied to the banking sector, you realise that it is possible:

• To create specific projects to implement new financial products, detailing each phase of the process, budgets and timetables.

• Greater compliance and audit control, ensuring good security and privacy practices.

By amplifying the potential of this product and combining it with Confluence – a product dedicated to collaboration and document organisation – you obtain a centralised space for storing relevant information about projects, processes, and internal procedures.

As these tools integrate and develop their potential, you realise that it might be interesting to implement Tempo Timesheets – a platform for automatic time recording and creating detailed workflow reports, among other associated tools – where you can control the amount of time allocated to certain tasks.

With the implementation of Atlassian tools assisting solid, effective growth, combined with many others to guarantee an excellent workflow, we guarantee our clients a significant improvement in the profitability and team management they are looking for. Contact us and discover how your internal procedures can give you the edge you need in your field.

Francisco CostaStrategies for maximising teams’ productivity and collaboration


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