[E-book Gratuito]: 7 Lessons from visionary Context Marketers

After reading this ebook, powered by Sitecore, you will understand the importance of developing a context marketing mindset to reach the new generation of empowered customers.

Find out where your clients are in their buying journey, and start delivering relevant and contextual experiences, with the right content, at the right time. Danone–Nutricia, L’Oréal Redken and Mizuno USA as context marketing visionaries will show you how to get started.

Topics Covered:

Why Context Marketing Matters | How to Get it | Reputation Marketing | The Customer Experience Game Breaker | Personalisation | Experience Marketing | Context Disruption | Context Masterclasses | Danone, L´Oréal and Mizuno Business Cases

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Ana Paneiro[E-book Gratuito]: 7 Lessons from visionary Context Marketers


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