Tableau 2018.1: Make your data make an impact

Make your data make an impact. That is the Tableau goal: to translate available data into useful value, allowing it to have a positive effect on businesses. Consequently, Tableau, aiming to respond to the emerging needs of new self-service tool users, has decided to change its market positioning and has started to declare: Data everywhere. Tableau for everyone.

This new positioning makes Tableau accessible to all companies, regardless of size, technical requirements or the level of expertise inside the organisation. If there is data, there is Tableau. Without restrictions. And what company doesn’t have to deal with data nowadays?

With this new positioning, Tableau decided to alter not only its available market offerings but also its  pricing. Now, there are three solutions you can choose from: Tableau Creator, Tableau Explorer and Tableau Viewer.

Power User: Typically used by technical users and data analysts.

  • When users need to deepen the analysis;
  • The need for end-to-end support in the workflow;
  • For users who are familiar with the product or with programming languages, such as SAS, R or Python. e licença de Creator para Tableau Server ou Tableau Online.

Includes access to Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and a Creator level license for Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Business User: This user is part of a department and needs to explore data delivered to them, seeking to find their own answers.

  • For users who need to have access to data in order to answer their stakeholders’ questions;
  • The need to create content based on their knowledge of the business.

Includes an Explorer level license for Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Casual User: Ideal for the occasional user who only needs to visualise data in a secure, simple and intuitive platform. This user doesn’t have the need to analyse, but relies on third party analyses to create relevant content.

  • This user has the need to support decisions based on the most relevant KPIs.

Includes a Viewer level license for Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

To support this positioning and pricing change, a new Tableau version has been launched, Tableau 2018.1, with the intention of democratising modern BI. Tableau has as its primary focus to turn data analysis and data visualisation into an effortless and intuitive task, whether for advanced users – such as analysts or business users – or for beginners – i.e. casual users.

Another item of news for the new Tableau era is Tableau Prep. This new ETL tool allows users to combine, structure and organise data in order to perform faster analyses. With Tableau Prep, data preparation becomes less annoying because it transforms repetitive tasks such as, for example, grouping by pronunciation, into as easy a thing as a single click.

As a Tableau Official Partner, Xpand IT can help you understand  the best option for your company. Download a free trial and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through this email: [email protected].

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Ana PaneiroTableau 2018.1: Make your data make an impact

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