Medicare is a leading provider on health plans, with over 15 years’ experience in the Portuguese market. Its mission is democratising access to the best conditions for healthcare and wellbeing, and it is a benchmark brand in the sector.

With a focus on offering the highest quality and best experience to customers and providing simple products and access, it currently has more than 1,750 partnerships with the best providers on the market.

Medicare had the data on-prem and therefore, when decision-makers wanted to make a more refined analytical analysis, they found the information segmented, making it hard to correlate. The challenge was to migrate from on-prem to cloud and data unification, allowing a single view. Discover this success story that enhances the call center with Near Real-Time through Cloud Analytics at Medicare.

“The quality of data and its analysis is one of the main foundations of business success, and Xpand IT has helped us to build the path forward with greater precision. We now have greater control over our data, unified in a single data warehouse, which has allowed the team to carry out richer analyses, becoming more agile and reducing human error.”

Rui Moura – Head of Engineering, Medicare

Main Benefits:

  • Power BI's analytical layer, with the introduction of best practices, has benefited data analysis
  • Ease of adding new sources and models to be consumed through a framework created
  • Greater control over data and unification of data sources in a single data warehouse

Main Technologies Used:

Power BI makes it possible to transform unrelated data into coherent, visually engaging, interactive dashboards and reports, and to create a data-driven organisational culture with Business Intelligence. Organisations can easily connect to data sources, visualise and discover what is important, and share data with other departments, so that anyone in the organisation can make decisions with confidence through up-to-the-minute analyses.

Azure Synapse Analytics is a business analysis service that speeds up the time it takes to obtain information from data warehouses and macrodata systems. It brings together the best of SQL technologies used in enterprise data warehousing, Apache Spark technologies for macro data and Azure Data Explorer for analysing time series and records.

Azure DevOps is a DevOps platform that provides a set of tools and services that facilitate the entire software development cycle. It offers resources for planning, development, testing and deployment. It includes version control, Agile planning and CI/CD, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and deliver high-quality software efficiently.

Learn all about the Medicare success case – Call centre with Near Real-Time:

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