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We drive the Mobile Apps revolution through Strategy, UX & UI and Engineering

We believe that mobile ready businesses will dominate their markets, and an effective mobile strategy is a key for all organisations that want to rise against their competition. Are you willing to take advantage of the real value that mobility has to offer?

Our experts can help you with Mobile UX+UI Design, App Development, Testing and Monitoring. Our Team will help you end-to-end, on Mobile Strategy Definition, Analysis, Implementation and Roll-out of your Mobile Apps, ensuring that your business will be ready to thrive in the mobile market.

With hundreds of apps deployed in different marketplaces, we are leaders in Enterprise Application Services, and as a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, we are the reference partner to build true cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android & Windows.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Our experts can help you develop an effective Mobile strategic plan that covers several topics such as Market Analysis, Platforms & Technologies, Native vs Web Apps, UX/UI, Mobile Development, Testing and Monitoring, among others.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions


We have the best team with several years of experience in Mobility projects. Our experts have the best skills in UX/UI, Design, Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin and native development with iOS and Android.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions


Our training plans are fully adjustable to customer requirements to achieve the best results. As a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, we regularly offer Mobile Cross-Platform Development training sessions in Portugal and across the EMEA Region.

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Technology Use Case

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Using Xamarin as Your Mobile Cross-Dev Platform

Having a mobile presence in different platforms is mandatory, but the challenges associated with it are very relevant. From having to manage different code bases to making sure you have a team with the right skills, there are many reasons for customers to seek a real cross-platform approach. The Xamarin Platform allows developers to build their apps using C#, sharing most of the business logic and making sure the apps are native – concerning performance, usability and API access. And all ensuring a lower TCO and a smaller time-to-market.

Native Approach for Platform – Specific Code Bases

Sometimes, we want apps to run on one specific mobile operating system, such as iOS, Android or Windows. Or perhaps existing teams have skills in native development using dev tools supplied by each vendor, and the objective is to build those skills, or at least to take advantage of them. This approach allows developers to use native programming languages like Objective-C, Java or C# to access all the device features and capabilities, such as a camera, GPS or 3D engine, with no limitations regarding APIs and UI elements.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Using a Hybrid Approach for Maximum Server-Side Control

A hybrid app combines native and web based technologies. The vast majority of the app is built using mobile web standards – HTML5, CSS and JavaScript – running inside a thin native shell. The main benefits of a Hybrid approach are that most of the app will be built using a single code base with web standards, leading to less effort to develop and maintain multi-platform versions of the app. Another significant advantage of a Hybrid approach is that new versions can be released immediately, since the vast majority of changes will be to the web components, thus with no need to submit new versions to the app store.

Xamarin Test Cloud: Find Bugs before your Users do

One of the biggest problems in developing mobile apps is making sure they run well on all the different devices out there. The sheer number of combinations of available models and OS versions makes it impossible to verify that an app runs smoothly everywhere. Besides, there’s no economic rationale to invest in dozens of devices and working days to execute tests. Xamarin Test Cloud offers you the possibility of overcoming this challenge by allowing you to create your automated tests in C# and then run them on a device cloud with hundreds of physical devices.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Xamarin Insights: Improve your Apps with Real-Time Monitoring

After publishing an app, there’s still a lot to be done. Regarding Crashes/Warnings, it’s imperative that you have a solution that makes your bug fixing independent from Store ratings. Besides, you want to know what your users are doing with the app, so that you can correct something if needed, or understand what needs to be created as a new feature. Xamarin Insights allows you to get access to crash information that tells the whole story and, at the same time, gives you relevant insights about your users.

Case Studies

Building a Banking App with Xamarin

With a single code base, Xpand IT created a groundbreaking technological tool for everyone interested in learning more about real estate investment funds.

Starting a Paperless Office

Providing design and architecture based on simple-to-manage processes that deliver flexibility, ease of use, and cost-effective. No need to change the fundamental core of the platform or associated services.

Apps for attending Comic-Con Portugal

This app gives access to highlights, invited artists, news, maps, schedule program, and many new features and improvements. The apps are already available for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Mobile banking: Simple & secure

These apps are an extension of the Home Banking service, working as a solution to perform transfers, check balances and movements. The apps are already available on the AppStore and Google Play for free.

Mobile Banking App in three months

A Secure, cross-platform native banking app, it supports payment authorisations and expense approvals. The apps are already available for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Your new Via Verde Store

A native App for both iOS and Android that allows customers to view and update contact information, see toll transactions, get alerts, find parks and fuel stations, get account statements and much more.

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As a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner, we help companies reduce costs and improve business performance through Mobile. With a lot of experience in cross-platform apps development using .Net, we ensure native performance & user experience by harnessing the power of Microsoft ALM tools.

With hundreds of apps deployed in different marketplaces, we are leaders in Enterprise Application Services.

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