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Medis’s goal was to ensure a closer connection to its clients; therefore it decided to invest in a new and more attractive brand identity which would also make the whole appointment process more accessible to the user. This new focus meant a better way to organise information and have in mind user experience and also generating a better identification with the brand. In that sense, there was a need to develop a platform that promoted the use of the mobile app, turning the communication between client and insurance more accessible and personalised.

Médis is a mirror to the life of its clients. And, knowing that health is different for each person, we created a real Personal Health Service


Key Benefits:

  • Chronological view of the interaction history between the insured and Médis
  • Virtual view and reading of the bar code of the Médis card, without the need to show the physical card
  • Viewing and submission of expenses through the app
  • Easy location of service providers within the Médis network,
  • Viewing of the platform used for each protection in the contract
  • Structured viewing of all protections of a policy , with detailed views of each cover

Featured Technology:

The need to develop an app, innovative in all aspects, led Xpand IT to use leading-edge technology in order to deliver an added value product to the organisation, in particular to all its clients. The project was developed using Xamarin, a technology that allows the creation of multiplatform apps, ensuring all the features of a native app.

Ana PaneiroMédis – User Experience at the core of mobile solutions | Success Case