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Brisa’s goal is to transform quality of life for communities, connecting people through simple, safe, sustainable mobility. Brisa’s mission is to develop and efficiently manage sustainable, innovative transport infrastructures and mobility solutions that best serve their clients.

In its daily management and operational activity, Brisa needs to collect and analyse a large set of indicators. This information is spread across several systems and, in some cases, presents a large volume of data. All the necessary information must be processed and analysed in a timely manner so that it can be made available to various business areas and units.

The solution defined involved implementing modelling and a scalable architecture, which allows the Brisa Group to respond to the constant change of paradigms, without the need to reformulate the existing solution. The data is consolidated in a central data lake and, when necessary, modelled to meet the specific needs of the business.

As far as the visualisation and analytics component is concerned, users need to receive and access consolidated reports with well-defined formatting (pixel-perfect). On the other hand, they were given the ability to develop their own analyses based on the available data. Learn more about Xpand IT’s approach to modern analytics with Tableau in this success case.


Self-service analytics and the use of Tableau is very important for our team, allowing our internal clients, whether they are marketing teams or the business units themselves, to have access to a visual interface that is very easy to interpret at various stages of the operationalisation of marketing campaigns, from segmentation and targeting, to performance measurement, and consequently the review and continuous improvement of these campaigns.”

Nuno Martins – Customer Insights & Marketing Manager na Brisa

Main Benefits:

  • More accessible information – currently, around 20 departments and about 200 employees take advantage of data analysis;
  • Focused IT team – about half of the dashboards are now prepared autonomously by individual departments;
  • Reduction of time-to-market of solutions – self-service analytics and the increased involvement of business teams;
  • Increased business team efficiency – with data collection happening directly in the Data Lake;
  • Strengthened governance – with the creation of user groups and areas responsible for the data in each department.


Tableau is an analytics platform that provides users with complete, secure, flexible data analysis and extremely appealing dashboards. This platform stands out for being intuitive, even in the exploration and creation of analyses, putting them within everyone’s reach, especially the users whose data is being analysed, allowing for greater autonomy within teams.

Lumada Data Integration offers advanced data manipulation features, allowing you to access, prepare, integrate and send data from a wide range of sources such as NoSQL, Relational and Analytical Databases.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a hybrid data platform designed to offer unparalleled freedom: you can choose any cloud, any analytics, any data. CDP enables the management and analysis of data located anywhere with superior ease and agility.

With self-service analytics, we have registered efficiency gains, with significant savings in data collection and analysis, and we have increased the reliability of the data collected and analysed. We eliminated the manual processes of data recording and the respective consolidation, calculations, and evaluation of consumption in Excel. We now have a view of all the environmental indicators (fuel, electricity, water, waste, emissions) of the Group and of each business unit, which facilitates the monitoring of Brisa’s environmental performance and decision-making (…)”

Margarida Apetato – Sustainability Manager na Brisa

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