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Speed Up your Systems Integration

This ebook demonstrates how JBoss Fuse middleware solution can simplify complex architectures, leverage the integration of systems and information and improve the productivity and innovation of your business.

ECM system for Handling and Classifying

Almost every department at Brisa has to deal with incoming communications of several sources and types (letters, emails, and faxes). It was time to create a platform that was well-known to every department.

Turn your Company Data-Driven Decision

In this ebook will explain how to become a data-driven decision organization, developing an effective BI strategy with Tableau technology. As a Tableau Official Partner, we help companies around the world to use this platform.

Revolutionize the Commerce Experience

This e-book offers valuable advice on how to better serve and convert digital customers. It also analyzes the advantages of blending content and commerce departments, to deliver personalized experiences.

Interview: “Thinking Big About Data”

Companies have been challenged to get the right information. We interviewed Nuno Barreto – Partner & Big Data Lead about how Big Data can help organizations take advantage of their data.

Municipal Transparency Portal

It enables exploring more than 100 KPIs about the 308 Portuguese municipalities, gathering data from different public databases and publishing it in a simplified way accessible to every citizen.

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