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Xamarin Experience London – After Event

This event was held on 28th September 2016 at the Conrad Hotel, London. We had 68 registrations and 24 participants, who represented some of the largest companies in many different areas.

Unlock the Full Power of Big Data tools

This free e-book has the goal to help people and companies understand how Big Data can transform their business and how to reduce the adoption gap using Pentaho Data Integration.

FusionCharts Plugin 5.0.0

User’s favorite tool to create killer data visualizations inside Pentaho Business Analytics, just got new features. Our development team announces the version 5.0.0 of FusionCharts Plugin for Pentaho.

Interview: “Thinking Big About Data”

Companies have been challenged to get the right information. We interview Nuno Barreto – Partner & Big Data Lead about how Big Data can help companies take advantage of their data to create business value?

App in C# with Native User Experience

Xpand IT was designated by Caixagest to guarantee the creation of a groundbreaking technological tool, with a single C# code base, for everyone interested in learning about real estate investment funds.

Municipal Transparency Portal

It enables exploring more than 100 KPIs about the 308 Portuguese municipalities, gathering data from different public databases and publishing it in a simplified way accessible to every citizen.

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