Don’t ruin Jira – 3 mistakes you should avoid

Jira is a fantastic solution for managing projects, software development or just teamwork. Atlassian‘s mission is to “unlock the potential of any team” and to fulfil its mission offers extremely flexible solutions that can adapt to the needs of ALL teams. We know cases of organisations that use Jira in the most diverse contexts, from software development teams, product teams, financial departments, human resources and legal, among others.

Flexibility is a good thing, right? Yeah… but it also allows you to make a lot of mistakes.

If this is your first time running Jira or if you want to review what you’ve done, here are 3 mistakes you should avoid:

1. Using groups instead of roles

Avoid using groups and users in your permissions schemes. Use roles instead, which will allow you to empower your project admin to add or remove users. Do you really want to be constantly giving and removing access to projects?

2. Closed without resolution

States and resolutions are two different things. However, it makes no sense for an issue to be in the closed state without having defined a resolution (even if the resolution is – won’t fix). When creating a new workflow, make sure that at some point in the workflow you do define the resolution (or ask the user to define it).

3. Custom fields that are not reusable

All teams, projects or products may have specific needs that lead to a different issues classification. But are they so different that they justify not being able to reuse the custom fields created? If a team wants to create a Start Date is it so different from Begin Date that they have to create two custom fieldsTry to reuse the custom fields whenever possible in order to have as few as possible. Did you know that a custom field of type List can have variable options according to the project Jira?

Xpand IT can help you to find out what other mistakes you may have made in your implementation of Atlassian solutions. In just one week, you can learn about those mistakes and know how to solve them. Ask us how.

Sofia NetoDon’t ruin Jira – 3 mistakes you should avoid


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