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The application of analytics solutions for marketing and media allows you to centralise all your operational information, whether related to customers, website performance, social networks or associated with the customer journey, and combine it with brand or product information. The data is thus obtained automatically, saving time and increasing reliability. It is therefore possible to carry out data-driven marketing, where key indicators are analysed on a regular basis to identify trends and adjust the strategy in order to optimise costs and boost results.

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Use cases | Marketing and Media

Optimising marketing campaigns should be carried out taking various aspects into account, ranging from the most immediate indicators, such as numbers of views or shares, to indicators that relate to results, such as sales. An analytics solution makes it possible to cross-reference the various sources of information needed to carry out these analyses and, at the same time, makes it possible to automate the process, reducing effort and monitoring the evolution of indicators in relation to the various initiatives.

Customer segmentation allows you to direct marketing campaigns towards a specific target and thus boost results, which can include increasing conversion or retention. The use of an analytics solution makes it possible to cross-reference different types of information ranging from customer characteristics to behaviour and build profiles in order to carry out effective segmentation. In addition, the ease of exploration makes it possible to adjust the criteria in order to create specific segments for each campaign.

Defining the customer journeys and understanding customer behaviour is essential to implementing successful campaigns. The use of an analytics solution allows you to characterise in detail and quantify each step in order to allow you to optimise them.

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Analytics and campaign performance

Havas Media Group is the media division of the global marketing and communication group Havas. As a media agency, it provides various services to a range of clients and its main activity is managing 360º advertising campaigns. The challenge was to implement a BI platform to analyse campaign performance.

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